What is a drop in the bucket?

A drop in the bucket deals with water. Not just the California drought, though that will be a large part of this blog. People in the Mid-West probably don't care much about the California drought, having to deal with their own flooded homes. People in the South-East coast have to fix up again their places due to hurricane damage, for the umpteenth time. They hear about California drought a lot, but have no idea what that entails.

The average rainfall and snowfall in the USA is about 30" a year, and is neatly broken down as to where it all goes. That does not help those who could not plant their crops in the San Joaquin Valley, nor those whose homes were flooded and those whose businesses were torn apart by the hurricanes.

Neither does it address the many landscape changes in Holland from the floods and redirection of the Rhine and Meuse rivers over the centuries, culminating in the 1953 flood on the South-West islands of the Zeeland and South-Holland provinces. Nor does it help those who lost their homes and businesses in New Orleans as a result of hurricane Katrina.

Water is not just what we use it for and its purposes, but also deals with the geography it is in. There are political ramifications and cultural differences, depending on the area, history and technologies.

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